Speciality Tape

Product Description:

We supply wide range of speciality adhesive tapes like masking tapes, aluminium foil tapes, coloured paper tapes, foam taps, tissue tapes, 2 sided tapes, etc. These tapes are specially crafted to cater the specific needs of customers.
All types of BOPP Packing Tape, BOPP Tape, Pet Polyester Tape, PVC Electrical Insulation Tape, Crepe Paper Tape, Kraft Paper Tape, Double Sided Cloth Tape, Non Water Proof Cloth Tape, Water Proof Cloth Tape, Double Sided Tissue Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Single Sided Foam Tape, Die Cut Foam, VHB Acrylic Double Sided Foam Tapes, Duct Tape, Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape, A Foil Tape, Pvc Floor Marking Tape, Cellulose Tape, PVC Tape, Surface Protection Tape, Kapton Tape, PCB Masking Tapes, Mono Filament Tape, Cross Filament Tape, PTFE Thread Seal Tape, Silicon GP, Silicon 789, Silicon 995


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